Advantages of choosing Asphalt Paving


The production techniques of Asphalt (Also known as Black Top or Hot Mix) makes Asphalt a very low cost building material, while still being considered a value adding product to your home or business. 

Our amazing Paving Crew utilizes the liquid nature of Asphalt to quickly and efficiently place the new black top.  This reduces labor costs by virtually eliminating downtime during the construction process.

Finally the most important question ALL business and home owners ask is, "How soon can we drive on the new pavement?"  Here in lies the beauty of Asphalt paving, withing an hour of the final rolling and compaction of the pavement most vehicles can drive on it without any damage to the Asphalt.  This means very little traffic redirection and parking areas designated off limits which keeps your business fully functional with minimal disturbance to your daily routines.


Weather resistant and use specific design allows asphalt paving to be utilized for high or low volume traffic. From highways to residential driveways Asphalt can be used for almost all situations and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.


Asphalt, when placed by professionals like our crew, creates a smooth, level,  and slip resistant surface for vehicles.  Also because of the thermal properties of Asphalt (thermal capacity) it helps keep snow and ice from forming and causing road hazards.  Finally the dark road surface creates a high contrast between pavement and road markings which increases the visibility of said markings while driving.


A little known fact is that Asphalt is highly recyclable, can be reused and has a nearly limitless life cycle.  This re-usability and environmentally friendly aspect is what makes Asphalt paving a very popular choice in modern day infrastructure.    


Asphalt pavement is quick and easy to repair. By maintaining cracks and resealing roads, driveways and highways regularly, major degradation can be delayed.  Even when major degradation does occur, asphalt can be re-laid.